June 17, 2021

One of the most important issues to consider when traveling to Africa are the visas you need to enter to the different countries on the continent. Every country has its own policy, and if you travel by road as we do, it is important to take all the details into account so that you do not have any problems entering the country.

There are countries that do not request visas for European citizens. Other countries request for visas, which you can obtain through an online payment process and, then, you must show the receipt at the border point. In other states, you need to visit a embassy in some neighboring country to get a visa in your passport.

From different sources such as the web iOverlander, the Facebook group Overlanding Africa,  travel guides and the post from border crossing of the blog Ver, Oir y Viajar; we have written a guide to facilitate visa preparation in Africa. We will update the information based on our travel experience. It should be noted that the information posted is dated 2020-2021 and that the visa policy may be constantly changing.


In this guide, you will find the type of visa which have each country (not all of them are specified, as you can get multiple entry or transit visas, for example). In some cases, there are grouped visas such as the EAV (East African Visa) which allows you to visit Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda; or the KAZA that allows you to visit Zimbabwe and Zambia.

In addition, you will see that we have specified the options for obtaining the Visa according to the route you plan to take. One option is to take the route from Egypt to South Africa and then head north along the coast to Morocco (Egypt / South Africa / Morocco route); and the other option is the reverse route (Morocco / South Africa / Egypt). You will find the cost of the visa (sometimes in dollars or in local currency) and comments on how long it takes to complete the visa or other procedures.

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