USEFUL INFORMATION: Covid-19 in Africa and the PCR-TEST we did to cross the borders


June 1, 2021

The year 2020 has been marked globally by the Covid-19 pandemic. No one imagined that we would be locked up at home for months without being able to leave our municipalities, that there would be curfews and meeting limitations; that schools would be virtual; and that so many borders would be closed for so long. The virus has hit us closely, people close to us has died and it has affected many families during this unusual year we have gone through.

Just the summer before the pandemic started, we were traveling through Namibia and Botswana and thinking about future projects to do. Going to live together, traveling to Jordania to sign up for an Arabic school, going to Papua, touring Africa … Many were travel-related projects; and the coronavirus made us postpone some of these plans but also we’ve fully delve into this new African adventure.

We spent our confinement reading books from Africa, doing Excels and writing down information about countries, planning routes and studying different possible itineraries and getting to know small corners of the African continent from a distance …. During the confinement, we soaked in Africa and now we look forward to stepping on it again with this journey.

COVID-19 in Africa is being very tough. Although at the health level it seems that there is not so much incidence, the closure of borders and the lack of presence of tourists has condemned many African families to poverty. Tourism and informal trade are one of the main sources of many local people who have been forced to seek other livelihoods. In addition, while many of us in Europe are already vaccinated, Africa is still waiting to have a large part of its population immunized.

In this post, we want to update the different procedures for crossing borders due to the presence of the Covid-19. Test requirements that ask, where to do PCR, how long in advance and all the issues related to this pandemic that we have experienced worldwide.

PCR-TEST during our trip in Africa

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